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AC Financing Bad Credit

If you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioning unit, you want to get repairs or replacements completed right away to avoid further problems and discomfort in your home. However, if you have bad credit you may not qualify for financing programs from some HVAC service providers. If you’re stressed out about how you’re going to pay for repairs and your credit, don’t worry! At Florida Man AC, we’re here to help our customers and community members get the services they need, so we’ve put together a guide on how to get air conditioning financing if you have bad credit.

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One of the ways to pay for HVAC services is to save up and pay cash, if you can. If you notice AC problems toward the end of the hotter seasons, you can try utilizing other methods of cooling your home while you save up for the services you need. Try utilizing fans, keeping your windows closed and your blinds or curtains shut during the day, or opening your windows at night to get cooler air circulating. If all else fails, call Florida Man AC for HVAC financing, no matter what your credit looks like!

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If you have value built up in your home, you may be able to refinance your mortgage to get a payout from your home’s equity. Of course, because your mortgage is financed through a lending institution, refinancing will likely require a credit check, and will also usually come with a change in your monthly house payment. If you’re unable to refinance or don’t want to use your equity to pay for HVAC services, call Florida Man AC instead.

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Another potential option for homeowners who need financing is home improvement loans. Many banks or lending institutions have options available for borrowing money to add value to their home, and if you’re already a customer of a bank, they are more likely to lend to you. Check with your mortgage lender or the banks you already use to see if you qualify for a home improvement loan that can help you pay for your AC services. .

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At Florida Man AC, we know that the heat is brutal here in Florida. Instead of suffering through it or finding other lending options that may create more financial stress in the future, call us for AC financing! We’re happy to provide you with the top-quality AC financing services your home needs. We have a network of lenders who finance people in many credit situations. Learn more about our financing options or get pre-approved for your financing today!

Having a lower credit score can feel like you’ve been put in a difficult situation, but with Florida Man AC, you can get air conditioning financing in no time at all! We’re here to help you beat the heat, so visit our Financing page to learn more, or contact us today to get started!