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When it comes to getting the heat or aircon finance and related services you need most to prevent your home from getting too hot, Florida Man AC has you covered, and we do it quickly! With a huge network of top-quality service providers and reputable financing partners across the state, we’re proud to be a top choice among Florida homeowners for quality AC services at affordable rates with an unbelievably snappy process.

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The heat in Florida can be more than just irritating, it can be dangerous. If it’s driving you crazy or keeping you from thinking clearly, getting out of the heat doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you have less-than-perfect credit. Florida Man AC is here to help with top-quality financing options, affordable and reliable AC services, and the best possible customer service experiences throughout Florida.

If you don’t want to end up on the nightly news as the next “Florida Man” headline, then partnering with Florida Man AC is the perfect choice for you. Our network of preferred subcontractors helps us to provide our customers with high-quality AC installation or replacement solutions all over the Sunshine State. Our rapid approach to financing services includes:

  • Swift Pre-Approval: We offer rapid pre-approval for your AC financing needs, often in under 20 minutes.
  • Rapid Credit Processing: We process your application quickly, even with less-than-perfect credit.
  • Speedy Installation Coordination: Once approved, we arrange for fast new air conditioner financing, usually the very next day.
  • Statewide Coverage: Our financing services extend across the whole of Florida, so we're ready and waiting no matter where you are.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We focus on providing personalized and efficient service that’s not only personalized but doesn’t make you jump through hoops.

No matter what your credit looks like, our heating or air conditioner financing options will likely help you with fast services to ensure you stay nice and cool no matter how hot (or cold) it gets outside. Keep scrolling to learn more about our fast financing services, or contact us today to ask any questions you may have.



Florida Man AC specializes in central heating and air conditioning for high-functioning HVAC systems, plus AC unit replacement financing options. It’s our goal to ensure affordability and accessibility. We pride ourselves on providing swift responses with personalized customer service. Our company has a state-wide network of skilled subcontractors to offer installations, maintenance, and certain repairs across Florida. Complete only a few steps for the ultimate reassurance:

  1. Pre-Approval: Begin by submitting the quick pre-approval form available on our website.
  2. Network Utilization: Take advantage of our extensive network of quality service providers across Florida.
  3. Service Selection: Choose from a variety of AC and HVAC systems that best suit your needs.
  4. Financing Approval: Experience our secure and fast financing approval process, usually within 15-20 minutes, to move forward without delay.
  5. Quick Installation: We aim for next-day installation by our skilled subcontractors, making fast service a reality.
  6. Enjoy Comfort: Rapidly return to max comfort with your newly installed AC system.

Our commitment to top-quality workmanship and professional service is evident in every job that requires financing for an air conditioner or heating system. A standout feature of our HVAC or aircon finance services is the ability to arrange next-day installations by our subcontractors, making Florida Man AC a go-to choice for quick and reliable HVAC solutions in Florida.

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We provide the fast AC financing solutions our customers appreciate, but that’s not all! No matter your AC situation, you deserve to have a comfortable home that doesn’t feel like you’re in an air-fryer, and Florida Man AC is the perfect partner for you. We can offer fast financing solutions for your new air conditioner financing or AC unit replacement financing needs without hassle, wherever you are in the state.

If your home is ready for a new HVAC system, our subcontractors can get it done quickly and correctly for you! We believe that everyone has the right to be comfortable in their own home, and that’s why we will always work our hardest to get you approved for AC financing, no matter your circumstances. Ready to get started on financing your air conditioner or other HVAC system? Contact Florida Man AC to schedule your services today!

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What our customers are saying about us


As you can imagine, knowing you need to replace your AC in FL can bring about stress and anxiety. Our AC was not out completely, but was on its last-leg. I was very worried about who to call and how to handle this, but one online request changed all of that. Frank at FL Man AC reached out to me the very next day. My approval was fast, easy and immediately processed. The install was quick and felt seemless. Frank at FL Man AC was there every step of the way! It made the overall experience very pleasant and stress free! Thank you Frank and FL Man AC for giving me peace of mind and making this a great experience from start to finish!

- Deanna D via Nice Local


The process of obtaining financing was fast and efficient. The schedule time to get my unit was within 2 days due to the weekend. My salesman John as well as the others in the office outstanding customer service. I am extremely please with my unit and service received.

- Rosa N via Google My Business


Great service with Florida Man. Financing was quick and easy. Very satisfied customer.

- Bill J via Google My Business


Very quick and professional. Need a new AC unit, low cost with good quality. Never been happier. Definitely 10 stars are needed, they went above and beyond. Helped with financing and hooked us up with a low cost loan in a hurry.

- Michael B via Better Business Bureau

– FAQs –

How fast is it to finance with Florida Man AC?

Financing with Florida Man AC is impressively quick. We offer rapid financing through various lenders, leveraging extensive experience to identify the best choice for your standing. Our lightning-fast process can result in approvals taking as little as 15-20 minutes, depending on the specifics of your paperwork and financial situation.

How quickly can I expect installation after securing fast aircon financing with Florida Man AC?

After your credit application has been approved, our subcontractors can usually start work the next day. As a local Florida company, we understand the effect that living in an uncomfortably hot (or cold) home can have. That’s why our fantastic and knowledgeable subcontractors work quickly from start to finish to get your HVAC up and running as soon as possible!

What sets Florida Man AC apart from AC financing companies?

At Florida Man AC, we strive to exceed your expectations. You can always trust us to do our best to get you the fastest financing possible. As a locally-owned AC company, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with AC issues, especially when looking for financing for air conditioners. You really won’t find a company that cares more about customers than Florida Man AC.

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