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PACE Financing in Florida With Florida Man AC

Explore the benefits of Florida’s PACE program at Florida Man AC. We utilize Residential PACE, a financing program approved by Florida and authorized by your local government. Residential PACE equips eligible homeowners with accessible financing options for energy-saving HVAC upgrades. There’s no need to bake in the Florida sun when you can partner with us and chill in the home comfort and efficiency you deserve!

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What is PACE Financing?

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy and was first authorized in Florida in 2010, so it’s been around for a while. The PACE financing program assists Florida homeowners in funding climate-focused and money-saving improvements, including modern HVAC systems. This enables cities to reach climate goals with green initiatives that benefit everyone.

PACE financing differs from a traditional unsecured loan in Florida and is actually considered an assessment. Assessments are liens. The most common example of a lien is a mortgage. Other examples of assessments that homeowners regularly pay are for services like garbage pick up and emergency services, such as firefighters and paramedics.

Local PACE programs exist for both residential and commercial energy advancements and help provide homeowners and businesses with financing options for energy-efficient improvements and renewable energy installations, along with hurricane protection project funding. By incorporating Residential PACE into our strategy, Florida Man AC helps eligible homeowners benefit even more, offering additional accessible financing options that make upgrading HVACs a breeze.

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How Does Florida Man AC provide access to PACE Program Financing?

Florida Man AC utilizes PACE financing in PACE-approved municipalities or counties in Florida. We make the process as painless as possible—we handle all the details so you can get cool fast.

Your approval amount through PACE is based on a percentage of your equity in your home and does not lower your equity at all. Actually, you can be approved for up to 20% of your existing equity as long as it does not exceed the total value of your home. Instead of borrowing and repaying money to a lender, your annual tax bill increases by the amount of the PACE assessment. A substantial benefit of a PACE assessment is that it features no upfront costs, and repayment is through property taxes.

PACE does not disclose your approval amount to the subcontractor (and you shouldn’t tell the subcontractor either!), protecting you from unscrupulous contractors who might want to charge the maximum approval amount for work that does not warrant it. Through Florida Man AC, New Way Home Builders is an approved PACE contractor. With Florida Man AC, your financing approval amount stays private, and our network of dependable subcontractors is focused on delivering quality work you can trust.

How does Florida’s PACE program work?

Once you’re approved, Florida Man AC coordinates with our trusted subcontractors to set up and install your new AC system. Then, the cost is conveniently repaid through property tax bills, spreading out payments over your chosen term. Terms range from 5 to 20 years.

For air conditioning installations, you can choose a term as long as 20 years. This will keep your payment low but lead to higher interest. We recommend choosing the shortest term possible where you can comfortably afford the monthly payment. There are no surprises, as you’re informed about the increase in your property taxes upfront. This predictable approach lets you plan your finances comfortably. It doesn’t affect your credit score or debt-to-income ratio since it’s based on your property’s equity and does not decrease your property’s equity.

Once you’ve selected your term length, the costs are included in your property owner payments. For example, suppose your monthly payment to your mortgage company is $1,000, which includes principal, interest, taxes and insurance, and your new AC system is $100 per month. In that case, you will write monthly checks to your mortgage company for $1,100.

If you don’t have a mortgage and pay your property taxes annually, you will pay the annual amount of the assessment at that time. For example, if your monthly payment for the new AC system is $100 a month, you would pay the tax collector the amount you are used to paying for property taxes plus the $1,200 for the new AC system.

PACE is just one of the programs we employ to make installing a new HVAC or replacing your existing system affordable and stress-free. We are well-versed in the details of the Florida PACE process and can incorporate it as part of the approval process for eligible customers. Contact us for more information.

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How Florida Man AC helps you get Approved for PACE Financing

Don’t sweat over the cost of upgrading your HVAC system. PACE allows financing HVAC installations and replacements through property taxes, offering a straightforward path to energy efficiency without the financial burden. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Application Submission: Start by filling out our simple online pre-approval form. Unlike traditional financing, our lenders offer streamlined approvals without stringent credit requirements.
  2. Assessment and Plan Approval: As part of the process, one of our trusted subcontractors will review your HVAC needs, and the team at Florida Man AC will determine your property’s PACE program Florida eligibility. Approval is quick, and you will know how much you can spend. Once approved, we review with you exactly how the process works and get started.
  3. Select Your HVAC System: Choose from top-quality HVAC systems that meet the Florida PACE standards for high-efficiency systems.
  4. Schedule Installation: Coordinate with our team to install your new HVAC system at a time that works best for you. Our experienced subcontractors can often complete installations the next day.
  5. Installation and Activation: Our licensed subcontractors will handle the installation, guaranteeing everything is up and running smoothly.
  6. Repayment Through Property Taxes: When integrating PACE financing, Florida conveniently includes your repayment as an addition to your property tax bill, spreading the cost over a term that matches the life expectancy of your HVAC system or choosing a shorter repayment term, whatever is best for you.
  • Florida Man AC makes it easy to stay cool even with bad credit! We remove financial barriers to improve your heating and air conditioning situation for temperature bliss throughout the year. Enjoy your upgraded or new HVAC system and the peace of mind that comes with a smart, sustainable investment that doesn’t drain your bank account.
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Why Work With Florida Man AC?

Choose Florida Man AC for HVAC financing and see why we stand out from the other guys. We serve all of Florida, have deep knowledge of all of your HVAC financing options, and are able to save homeowners money while keeping them cool. By integrating PACE into our flexible financing solutions, we help you overcome financial barriers and maintain a ‘cool’ lifestyle effortlessly.

Our extensive understanding of PACE allows us to match the best financial options for your HVAC upgrade needs. PACE is only one of the ways we help you save on HVAC financing, but it’s a fantastic program to use when available. From start to finish, our process is transparent and made to work with your financial circumstances. You answer a few questions while we navigate the complexities of PACE eligibility with ease. Our stellar team is committed to your comfort so you don’t become the next overheated “Florida Man” when you should be cooling down.

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I have worked with Florida Man twice now. The entire process with the whole team was a pleasure. This company is wonderful to work with!

- Jennifer


Florida Man took great care of us. They answered all my questions and made sure everything went well. The entire team was prompt, polite, and efficient. I highly recommend Florida Man and his team!

- Heath


When my ac broke, I really didn’t think I could afford to have it replaced. But I could. And I did. Thank you, Florida Man.

- Jerome

– FAQS –

Who is eligible for the PACE program in Florida?

Eligibility for the PACE program in Florida requires you to be a homeowner in an eligible area. Not all cities and counties offer PACE. Once we verify your property's eligibility, you must also be current on your mortgage and not have any late payments on property taxes for the last 3 years. PACE for HVAC financing requires no credit checks or other credit score requirements, making it accessible even for those with less-than-perfect credit histories interested in improving their home’s sustainable energy use.

Will applying for PACE funding affect my credit?

Applying for Florida’s Property Assessed Clean Energy initiative does not affect your credit score as it does not require a credit check. The financing is secured through an assessment added to your property tax bill. This is one of the reasons Florida Man AC supports PACE as an attractive option for homeowners looking to beat the heat without it impacting their credit.

How soon can you get PACE financing after buying a house?

We can incorporate PACE for your new heating or cooling systems soon after purchasing a house as long as you are current on your mortgage and property taxes for the last 3 years and there are no outstanding loans that would affect the property’s equity, and you have enough equity. The essential requirement is your ability to meet the program’s conditions immediately upon taking ownership and that all financial obligations related to the property are fully up to date.

How is Florida PACE different from loans?

PACE financing is unique as it is based on the property, not the borrower’s credit score, debt, and income, which allows for affordable fixed payments and flexible terms. PACE loans in Florida can be transferred to new owners if the property is sold (check with the lender to verify as some lenders require the PACE assessment to be paid off at closing), making them particularly beneficial for long-term investments in energy efficiency. Unlike traditional loans, PACE does not require a credit check. It also contains consumer protections to avoid undue financial burden.

What are the advantages and considerations of using PACE financing for HVAC upgrades in Florida?

PACE financing offers numerous benefits, including 100% financing with no upfront costs, no credit checks, and long-term, fixed payments, simplifying budgeting. The program potentially increases property values by funding substantial energy improvements that can be transferred to new owners if sold.

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